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> Apps don’t relate to each other, etc… :-(

Indeed, that's a major thing among others. iOS 13 kind of tries to do
it by putting my contacts in the share sheet instead of just listing
messenger apps... but it's still a huge bodge from experience.

Back then developers primarily wanted to solve problems and created
protocols, nowadays they want to get cash thus create "apps".

On 2/3/21, B <kosmicdollop at saber.net> wrote:
> Great story, thanks Noah. Also demonstrates we became Newties about the same
> time.
> It was the beginning of 1997 when my Tandy Desktop computer died. In
> considering a replacement, I learned the 2000 was about to be released, and
> it looked to be not only the closest fit for my needs, but wonderfully
> compact and powerful, plus requiring so little juice. Along with a very
> attractive price tag.
> I contacted the sole source I found selling Newtons in my region, Newton
> Source in San Francisco. They confirmed they were expecting delivery soon,
> hence I wouldn’t have to wonder how far back in Apple’s que I’d be.
> As so often with Apple, soon dragged out until it filled a month, by which
> time the friend who was letting me borrow her computer was becoming more
> annoyed every day I had not yet returned it. But it had all sorts of data I
> needed for work.
> Finally NewtonSource confirmed their first delivery, and also said I could
> have one — although it sounded like I was further down the waiting list than
> they had units: They wanted to stop me calling so often!
> It was a very small store, the stack of 2000’s in their generous boxes took
> much of the floor space stacked around chin high, maybe 100 units or so.
> I took my magical personal assistant to a cafe next door and began being
> enthralled with all it could do. Wow! Unbelievable! So perfect for my needs!
> So magical!!! So elegant, efficient… No typing!!!
> Oh, how I miss using my dear, so elegant, so compact and efficient Newton!!
> If only she had about 100 times more memory (1000 X?) plus a modern
> processor…
> iPad is cool, but lots more clunky! Apps don’t relate to each other, etc…
> :-(
> B
> Noah Leon wrote:
>> Today a friend of mine sent me a special tracking number.
>> The very first Newton that I ever had, and which started it all, I
>> received around 1997. I purchased it from a <SNIP>
>> That got me thinking, does anyone else have a special Newton that got them
>> “hooked”?
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