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Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Tue Feb 2 20:48:50 PST 2021

Nice story.  In my case every newton has been "special".  The first one, however, was a 120 2.0.  I got it from a professor selling it on Usenet.  It was like new and still in the box.  In this case the person had just bought a 130.  I was tickled and bought it fast.  Loved it, used it for a couple of years before another deal came to me for a 130.  Similar situation, also on Usenet, but this time a doctor, also like new in the box with some extra software as well.  Also grabbed that fast.

That 130 was my main Newton until about 2000 or so when I got a really good deal on a 2100U.

When I got the 120 I didn't have a desktop at home that could connect to it, so I used the ones at work to do backups and install packages.  It was a lot easier when I updated my system and I could access it directly.

It replaced the Dayrunner I had used for years and I never looked back.  Still is the best after all these years later (the 2100 anyway).  It is sad no one can come up with something similar these days.  The hardware is vastly better, but the software is no where close (Moreinfo, DateMan, or Alarm Pack for example).  And all the great additions for the notepad or Names.

Perhaps that is a big part of it, we could customize the core said software more and these days we have to choose between this app or that.  No taking the bits that work well for us and leave the rest behind.  And those bits were made by many different developers.


On 2/2/2021 8:52 AM, Noah Leon wrote:
> Today a friend of mine sent me a special tracking number. 
> The very first Newton that I ever had, and which started it all, I received around 1997. I purchased it from a college professor (not my professor, since I was in high school or junior high, my memory is a bit foggy) for $15 (to this day I have no clue why he sold it so cheap). He had listed it in the Playstation games section of the local (paper) classifieds. I couldn’t drive yet, so my dad had to drive me out to pick it up in Calgary, where we lived. I used to play games and attempt to write on it long into the night (with a good reading light, since it didn’t have a backlight). We didn’t have internet at the time so I would have to download packages at my grandmother’s house over 14.4 dialup.
> I later gave the Newton, an OMP, to a friend, who just recently found it in a box. He’s sending it back to me. 
> That got me thinking, does anyone else have a special Newton that got them “hooked”? 
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