[NTLK] First Newton

B kosmicdollop at saber.net
Tue Feb 2 18:04:05 PST 2021

Great story, thanks Noah. Also demonstrates we became Newties about the same time.

It was the beginning of 1997 when my Tandy Desktop computer died. In considering a replacement, I learned the 2000 was about to be released, and it looked to be not only the closest fit for my needs, but wonderfully compact and powerful, plus requiring so little juice. Along with a very attractive price tag.

I contacted the sole source I found selling Newtons in my region, Newton Source in San Francisco. They confirmed they were expecting delivery soon, hence I wouldn’t have to wonder how far back in Apple’s que I’d be.

As so often with Apple, soon dragged out until it filled a month, by which time the friend who was letting me borrow her computer was becoming more annoyed every day I had not yet returned it. But it had all sorts of data I needed for work.

Finally NewtonSource confirmed their first delivery, and also said I could have one — although it sounded like I was further down the waiting list than they had units: They wanted to stop me calling so often! 

It was a very small store, the stack of 2000’s in their generous boxes took much of the floor space stacked around chin high, maybe 100 units or so.

I took my magical personal assistant to a cafe next door and began being enthralled with all it could do. Wow! Unbelievable! So perfect for my needs! So magical!!! So elegant, efficient… No typing!!!

Oh, how I miss using my dear, so elegant, so compact and efficient Newton!!

If only she had about 100 times more memory (1000 X?) plus a modern processor…

iPad is cool, but lots more clunky! Apps don’t relate to each other, etc… :-(


Noah Leon wrote:
> Today a friend of mine sent me a special tracking number. 
> The very first Newton that I ever had, and which started it all, I received around 1997. I purchased it from a <SNIP>
> That got me thinking, does anyone else have a special Newton that got them “hooked”? 
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