[NTLK] Fixing what ain't broken

Adam Faircloth fcloth at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 08:14:42 PST 2024

I'm pleased to say my eMate battery pack came together nicely. Not
especially beautiful, but functional, and more than acceptable for a first

And my 4-year-old is having a lot of fun typing and drawing on the newly
refurbished eMate.

One thing that impressed me during this whole repair process was the
quality and durability of the eMate plastics. I've noticed with its close
contemporaries, like the G3 iMacs and iBooks from 1998-99, that the
plastics are very weak and brittle as time has passed. About 10 years ago I
opened up my grape iMac to replace the optical drive, and the whole thing
felt so fragile I thought I should probably never open it again.

Not so with the eMate! Still an awesome green machine.


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