[NTLK] Fixing what ain't broken

Adam Faircloth fcloth at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 15:25:27 PST 2024

 Update! Hinge spring is straightened out, hinges are reassembled and
greased, and the eMate is now completely reassembled. Hinges feel buttery
smooth and everything is working great.

Next step: battery pack!

Thank you to Frank, Marisa, Craig and Noah for your tips and words of
encouragement. You really motivated me to push ahead.

And special thanks to Doug who spent about an hour with me on video chat
today, digging into the fine details of the hinge mechanism. Doug, you've
been tremendously helpful.

I am generally a lurker on this list, but the people of this group are
truly extraordinary. Proud to know you all.


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