[NTLK] MAX1771 replacement part

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Fri Oct 13 14:15:47 PDT 2023

> My concern is that I don't want to cannibalize the MAX1771 replacement
part from my working Newton 2000
> to put into my Newton 2100 which is doing the start-up chime shuffle. Does
anyone have a parts board with
> a spare piece that I could use?

As others on the list have already pointed out, this item is still available
out there and it isn't even very expensive. I have never bought one, though,
because I have more than enough organ donor boards. If you can't or don't
want to get a new one, shoot me a mail off-list. We'll certainly manage to
work something out.

Be aware that this part is not only used on Newton 2x00 mainboards. It's
also in the eMate and I think in at least some 1x0 models.

I've just rigged up a zip file containing high resolution scans of
OMP/MP100, MP120, MP130, MP2x00 and eMate mainboards. They should allow you
figure out where these components live in the different models. As of half a
minute ago, this file is available here:


I currently do not have the time to do this, but if someone would take the
trouble to mark these components with an arrow and send the pictures to
Grant, they'd make a nice addition to our Newton FAQ. Or send them my way
(preferred), and I'll host them and let Grant know where they are.

If, as you say, you aren't a professional when it comes to soldering, do not
try to unsolder the component in one piece. Use a Dremel tool or a very
pointed wire cutter to cut the pins where they enter the chip. Then remove
the chip. Now you can unsolder the pins separately, which is much safer. Use
soldering wick to remove the tin from the soldering pads. Cover all pads
with flux, put the chip on, align it, hold it down with a screwdriver and
solder an edge pin. If the chip is still aligned OK, solder the edge pin
opposite. Then solder the rest.

A hot air gun CAN make this easier, but it can also remove half of the
mainboard's components within a second if you aren't experienced enough.

Good luck!


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