[NTLK] [ANN] NewtonTalk is now on Mastodon

Grant Hutchinson splorp at mac.com
Wed Nov 22 14:25:02 PST 2023

Hello folks.

Just a quick note ... I finally got around to creating a Mastodon account for the NewtonTalk mailing list.


The bitbang.social instance hosting the account is focused on “... retrocomputing, vintage computing, and all sorts of fun electronic shenanigans.”

That sounds like us!

Mastodon won’t replace the existing Twitter account (I refuse to refer to it as ‘X’ ... ugh.)

I’ll keep that account around for as long as it’s viable.

Mastodon simply provides another channel for updates, news, and other Newton-related tidbits.



Grant Hutchinson
NewtonTalk List Dad & Web Custodian

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