[NTLK] Mp2000 stylus tips

Gary McQueen GMMcQueen at bell.net
Sun Nov 19 19:51:24 PST 2023

If one is not too concerned about the stylus fitting into the slot when not in use, I have found a quick-and-dirty solution in a Bic mechanical pencil -- all-plastic, including tip -- with lead retracted, of course.

At first I was leery about using such an instrument on the screen, but since the screen was a bit marked up (ie, well-used) anyways I took the chance. I’ve used it several times instead of the stylus and haven’t noticed any ill effects, and it’s a decent substitute.

I don't use it all of the time, but it's handy when I'm using the pencil for old-school writing and switch back and forth between that and the Newton. Your experience may vary. Has anyone else tried this and noted any scratches?

Example of pencil here:



On October 31, 2023 8:30:49 p.m. EDT, Woody Smith via NewtonTalk <newtontalk at newtontalk.net> wrote:
>The replacement plastic eMate stylus will fit the 2x00 silo. I found that ribs weren’t comfortable so I used a filler to smooth out the surface. I liked it better than the metal surface of the original. 
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>> On Oct 31, 2023, at 8:01 AM, Aaron H <online at atomiciguana.com> wrote:
>> My 2100’s writing and handwriting recognition has been poorer lately. I finally realized my stylus tip is worn down into an awkward shape.
>> I know the tip unscrews - are replacements available anywhere?
>> -Aaron.
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