[NTLK] MP120, need schematic or anysuggestions

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Mar 9 03:19:06 PST 2022

> I've just got myself a non-working MessagePad 120, it doesn't boot up.

Make sure you try things with different settings of the contrast wheel. You
wouldn't be the first who deemed his 120 dead because sound was turned off
and contrast was set to minimum.

Since you've mentioned my web site, you've probably already done this, but
in case you haven't, make sure to follow the procedure outlined at the top
of my disassembly page. The key to success is following it to the letter,
not changing anything, regardless of how unimportant the change may seem.

It can't hurt to remove the ROM board, clean its contacts with a pencil
eraser and put it back. Also make sure that the display cable is correctly
seated and its connector is locked. If you have a multimeter, check fuse F1.
It's labeled "50" and lives on the top side of the board (meaning you have
to remove the board to access it) close to the recess for the battery


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