[NTLK] Can anybody shed some light on this Newton error?

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Mar 7 17:10:32 PST 2022

Hi gang,

By not I have enough texts in the French language pack that I can try things
out. But I get a weird problem after the language pack is run through Paul's
Watson enabler. 

The current situation is as follows:

I have updated NewtTest to support language packs and have run it through
Paul's Watson Enabler. The Watson-enabled version runs hunky dory both on a
Watson and on a plain vanilla 2100. Without a language pack installed, texts
are in English as before.

I have written the French language pack. Basically this is a Newton Store
Part that is installed like a normal package. This language pack works hunky
dory on my 2100. It can't be (no surprise) installed on a Watson, so I ran
it through Paul's Watson enabler, too.

The problem is that the Watson-enabled version can't be installed either on
the Watson or on my 2100. On the 2100 I'm getting the following error

    An error occurred installing the
    package "NT-FR". It may not work
    with this system. Contact the
    software publisher for further
    information. (Part 0, Type frame).

On the Watson I'm getting the same error, only in French. 

Being the software publisher myself, I did of course follow the advice and
contacted me immediately, but unfortunately I was unable to help me. 

Has anybody seen this error message before? Since the store part works with
my 2100 before Watson-enabling it, I'd assume this must be caused by the
changes Paul's Watson-Enabler applies. Maybe they work with normal packages,
but not with store parts. I did check the package with a hex editor, and the
signature at the end of the file looks OK.

Regards, and thanks for your help


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