[NTLK] MP 2X00 display/digitizer help [WTB]

Shaah shaah at me.com
Tue Jan 11 15:48:38 PST 2022

Greetings Frank,It's actually a MP 2100 unit with a dead LCD module. Everything seems to be working fine except the inner LCD component, inside the metal frame. There is however a fragile glass layer on top of this so called LCD component that needed to be detached from the LCD frame. This glass layer seems fine and working, but glued to the metal frame. In your guideline it's called the touch screen (digitizer?) where you point to its fragile cable.  In the beginning I had no idea how to detach this glass layer because the new LCD modules with metal frames can be still ordered luckily,  — but without this thin glass layer. Using Sylvain Pilet's method by applying heat, I decided to drag a thin fishing nylon line underneath the glass layer. While using a hairdryer, the glass layer was easily detached from the metal frame. Now just waiting for the new LCD module to arrive, so that I can continue the work. Just hope the digitizer glass (touch screen) layer is not dead after the hairdryer. I will know once it's all reassembled. I used the nylon thread once for detaching the batteries of my MBP and was planning on using glue solvents too, but wasn't really sure. Sylvain Pilet's method worked much faster and cleaner.  On a side note, I tried reaching you earlier using your pda-soft email but with no success. Not sure if you remember, but you helped me with the battery packs decades ago (kidding, just early 2000s) while I was for a short trip in Germany. Good to hear from you! Would be great to have your email too.I will keep you informed once the process is done. Thanks for the detailed tips too, I underestimated the danger of dust and should be careful — cheers, Shaahin display as mentioned in your subject line, or are we talking of an110/120/130 display as shown in the image you mentioned?<https://www.pda-soft.de/2x00backlightreplacement.html>All Newton and eMate models allow replacing the touchscreen separately. Itis fastened to the LCD unit by a couple of tabs that are part of thetouchscreens metal frame and bent over the LCD unit. All you need to do isput the display with the touchscreen pointing down, bend the tabs open witha small screwdriver and replace either the LCD unit or the touchscreeen. Itis highly recommended to do this a) fast and b) in the bathroom. Dust willtry to settle between touchscreen and LCD unit in no time, and usually thebathroom is the room that contains least dust.If you need a 110/120/130 touchscreen, I can help you out. I have neworiginally sealed ones that I'd part with for nine bucks apiece plus what Ipay for stamps from Germany. I can also help you out with a used 110/120 LCDunit (no backlight). I do not have 130 LCD units with a decent backlight,and unfortunately you can't change a 130's backlight.If you need a 2X00 touchscreen, I can't help you. These animals areextremely difficult to come by if you are looking for a new one. If it's the2x00's LCD unit you need, I can help you.Frank-- Newton software and hardware at http://www.pda-soft.de----------------------------------------------------------------------http://newtontalk.nethttp://twitter.com/newtontalk

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