[NTLK] MP 2X00 display/digitizer help [WTB]

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Mon Jan 10 11:04:08 PST 2022

For a start, let's resolve something important: Are we talking of a MP2X00
display as mentioned in your subject line, or are we talking of an
110/120/130 display as shown in the image you mentioned?


All Newton and eMate models allow replacing the touchscreen separately. It
is fastened to the LCD unit by a couple of tabs that are part of the
touchscreens metal frame and bent over the LCD unit. All you need to do is
put the display with the touchscreen pointing down, bend the tabs open with
a small screwdriver and replace either the LCD unit or the touchscreeen. It
is highly recommended to do this a) fast and b) in the bathroom. Dust will
try to settle between touchscreen and LCD unit in no time, and usually the
bathroom is the room that contains least dust.

If you need a 110/120/130 touchscreen, I can help you out. I have new
originally sealed ones that I'd part with for nine bucks apiece plus what I
pay for stamps from Germany. I can also help you out with a used 110/120 LCD
unit (no backlight). I do not have 130 LCD units with a decent backlight,
and unfortunately you can't change a 130's backlight.

If you need a 2X00 touchscreen, I can't help you. These animals are
extremely difficult to come by if you are looking for a new one. If it's the
2x00's LCD unit you need, I can help you.


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