[NTLK] Ethernet Connection Testing

Sylvain Pilet sylvain at pilet.net
Tue Mar 23 04:38:18 PDT 2021


You need to see if your router recognizes your card and assigns it an address. If the light of the card does not light up, it means that the card is not connected, or at worst that it does not work.
But installing NIE is not enough! For the connection to be effective, the Newton must ask, through a program (such as NewtScape, MailV, or any other service that needs to be connected) for the connection to be opened (and thus the card activated).

To summarize, on Newton, the connection must be requested by a program for the connection to be opened and the card activated... NIE just lets you know what to do when such a request is made.

Sylvain Pilet

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