[NTLK] Ethernet Connection Testing

Alan Grassia alan.grassia at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 03:14:10 PDT 2021

Hello Newton Friends,


I am looking for some guidance getting my Newton connected to my home network.


On my MessagePad 2000, I have been able to install Newton Internet Enabler (NIE) 2.0 and the ATLAN v8 Ethernet drivers for my D-Link DE-660 PC Card.  Now, when I insert the PC Card, I get a slip that lets me know that the card 660+ has been inserted.  When I attach the RJ-45/BNC combo dongle and plug-in an Ethernet cable, I don’t get any status lights on the dongle.  The card and dongle were purchased together from a seller on eBay so I do not know for sure that the card and dongle are good.


I know that the jack and Ethernet cable are good because when I plug a MacBook Pro in, it pulls a DHCP address.  I no longer have a PC notebook with a PCMCIA card slot on it to test the card with Windows.


Does anyone know if there is a test or ping utility that I can use to test the card?  I am not 100% sure that I have configured the Newton correctly in Internet Setup.  I have created a Generic Setup as follows:


Title: Ethernet Setup

Configuration: DHCP Server

Card: D-Link DE-660

Domain Name: gns.net


I was thinking that I wanted to test and verify network connectivity before moving on to an email client or web browser.


Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.






MessagePad 2000

MessagePad 2100


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