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It seems you are a great videographer/story teller and even in a forum like
this you have drawn out peoples' stories about their Newton experience.

I have to say that my frist Newton an MP100 that I got back when they were
dumping them for $169 (iirc).
Can't recall the year or date but I'd say sometime in 1998 if I had to make
a rough guesstimate.
Was purchased from one of the then online Mac vendors when I saw the ad.
That Newton was eventually sent to Frank G. as part of a trade.

Let me just elaborate two stories about Newtons.

1) I Went to Europe with my wife and two female friends of ours. We went to
London (UK) and then Italy. We visited Venice, Florence and Rome.
While in Venice we visited the Murano Glass Factory and during our visit I
was approached by a woman who said she represented the son of the owner and
that he wanted to buy my MP2000u that I had brought to our trip and used
for a journal.
Then I had just gotten married and my wife had a cat back at home. They
offered us any piece of glass we wanted which would have been 1,000 to
2,000 dollars USD. My wife was very tempted to sell off my Newton on the
spot, but I had to decline because I was too worried her cat would knock
the glass over and break it.
I should have taken a picture of myself with my Newtons in Venice that I
could have used for Newtons Around The World.

2) After the cancellation of Newton Inc. some contractor had a project that
needed I'd say many Newtons *MP2000u or MP2100".
They had posted in one of the Newton Groups online that they were looking
for clean units and would pay $1,000 per unit (just the Newton).
I ended up selling my two main units for $1,900. Unfortunately they sent me
a check that was short $2.00. I contacted them and they sent me a check for
the difference.

Picture of the check, lol.

I eventually found out who bought my Newtons and what project it was for.
It was for the Petrosian Project Account. Years later I was able to contact
the contractor and ask some questions, but never was able to get in contact
with the museum to get one of these ARIF before they were all lost when
they decommissioned the exhibit.

Here is a picture of how the Newtons were used.
The Newtons were "married" to a primitive packet switching radio system as
part of a science museum in the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.


God bless,

Sonny Hung
the Hung Family

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> That got me thinking, does anyone else have a special Newton that got them
> “hooked”?
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