[NTLK] First Newton

Bernard Kobier bernie at kobier.id.au
Wed Feb 3 16:04:58 PST 2021

I first saw a Newton at a computer expo in Canberra sometime around the mid 90’s but funds wouldn’t stretch for such a fancy device. 
It wasn’t untill the very late 90’s I managed to purchase a 130 from a friend for about $50. I used it for a while mainly for its calendar and contacts list before it gave way to Palm with built in phone capabilities which gave way to an iPhone.

I still have my 130 and thanks to Noahs  film I dragged it out of storage and refreshed the batteries and have a play with it from time to time.
Id love to mount it in a frame and have it powered up displaying the weather or some other usefull information rather than have it live its days in a draw.
Its in need of a new backlight but other wise its still in excellent condition 



>>> On Feb 3, 2021, at 3:25 AM, Forrest Buffenmyer <newton_phoenix at mindspring.com> wrote:
>>> Thanks to Noah’s excellent film (and this List) I was able express my
>>> love and joy of Newton ownership, and to see and “meet” others who loved
>>> the Newton as I did, have, and do.

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