[NTLK] Fixing what ain’t broken

Craig Bradley ctb at mac.com
Wed Feb 14 13:53:00 PST 2024

I had a similar experience a few months ago and severed the display cable when the spring broke. After a bit of head scratching I realised that I had taken a short cut fitting the washers. I simply fitted the washers to the existing spring rather than bending the washer. This lead to too much torque on the end of the spring and it snapped right at the edge of the washer. 

BEWARE and follow the instructions. 


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> On 14 Feb 2024, at 8:42 am, Adam Faircloth <fcloth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi fellow Newton users,
> This week I finally cracked open my eMate to inspect the hinges. Springs
> looked good. Added the washers and tried to dab in some extra grease.
> But upon testing it, all of a sudden the hinge motion was very tight.
> Then... POP. Sure enough, one of the spring coils pulled loose.
> So now I've progressed to a full take apart to refurbish both hinge
> mechanisms. I've got the hinges in hand, now I just need to summon the
> strength and courage to keep going. This kind of mechanical component
> repair is a bit outside my comfort zone in fixing electronics.
> I don't really have a question… just putting this out in the universe for
> moral support. Of course, grateful for Frank and Joel’s excellent how-to
> guides as I tackle this repair!
> Adam
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