[NTLK] Fixing what ain’t broken

Adam Faircloth fcloth at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 13:41:55 PST 2024

Hi fellow Newton users,

This week I finally cracked open my eMate to inspect the hinges. Springs
looked good. Added the washers and tried to dab in some extra grease.

But upon testing it, all of a sudden the hinge motion was very tight.
Then... POP. Sure enough, one of the spring coils pulled loose.

So now I've progressed to a full take apart to refurbish both hinge
mechanisms. I've got the hinges in hand, now I just need to summon the
strength and courage to keep going. This kind of mechanical component
repair is a bit outside my comfort zone in fixing electronics.

I don't really have a question… just putting this out in the universe for
moral support. Of course, grateful for Frank and Joel’s excellent how-to
guides as I tackle this repair!


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