[NTLK] Shorted workflow to modern Mac

Craig Bradley ctb at mac.com
Sun Oct 29 06:42:14 PDT 2023

Apologies in advance for the long post  I have a blog where I publish my exploits with restoring vintage Apple computers both Apple II and Macintosh. 

I have been trying to stay true to the theme of vintage computing and am currently writing the text for the blog on an Apple IIc in AppleWorks and then transferring it to a modern Mac with the latest OS for publication via Wordpress. 

I have been thinking about a portable writing machine and using my eMate seemed perfect for that. I have just recapped it, sourced a new battery and fixed the hinge issue.

The workflow I am currently testing has to do with my latest exploit for the blog. I will write about it more comprehensively once I get the workflow figured out. I managed to connect the eMate to wifi via a Farallon Skyline card and an original Apple Graphite Base Station. Once on my home AppleTalk network I can transfer NewtonWorks files to my SE/30, convert it to .txt with NCU and then put it in my home AppleShare server that my modem Mac can mount. 

Clearly that is a very convoluted and complicated workflow. I was wondering if there would be a more streamlined workflow. I have been able to connect the eMate to my Mac Studio with NCX and a USB to serial cable but I couldn’t find a way to extract the NewtonWorks document as text. 

Any ideas or experiences?


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