[NTLK] T-Shirts

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 07:48:54 PDT 2023

Hi all, 

I still have a box of Love Notes to Newton T-shirts in my garage. I’m prepared to let them go for the cost of the shirt and shipping. 

I also have the paint and screens to produce some more, if anyone is interested.

Most of the shirts feature the MessagePad 2x00 on them, but I also have designs for the e-mate, 110 series and of course the OMP. 

If anyone would like a shirt please email me off-list, and if I don’t have your size or particular PDA, I’ll add it to my list to do a final batch of the shirts. I cannot promise fast shipping time but within a couple months I could have them all done.

If there is interest I will report back later with samples of the different designs.


visit http://moosefuel.media to see more or to contact me.

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