[NTLK] Tibet plus Epson = Love

Daniel Padilla daniel.padilla at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 07:44:41 PDT 2023

Hi Noah.
 Communication with a camera was an exclusive functionality of the Newton
at the time.  Really cool stuff.  There is an article explaining how it was
used to send pictures from a expedition in the Himalayas via satellite.

  In case you haven't seen them,  I made a couple of extensions to Tibet:
Tibet 115200.pkg.   Increases the comms speed significantly.
Robopicture.pkg.   Takes pictures from the Newton,  and you can program
intervals, if I remember correctly.
They're available here:  http://dev.newtontalk.net/dpadilla/progs.htm


El sáb, 28 oct 2023, 16:12, Noah Leon <moosefuel at gmail.com> escribió:

> I’m delighted to report that the Epson PhotoPC 850z camera I bought works
> very well with Tibet. I was able to connect to the camera using a modified
> serial cable, download and view photos on my Newt. From there the only
> option is to e-mail them.
> I was able to increase the storage on my Newt to 512GB+ with Paul’s ATA
> driver.
> I was thinking of some fun uses for this, and what I came up with is the
> idea of posting the photos directly to an Instagram account. It brings to
> mind the old Newtons Around the World photos.
> My proposed workflow would be:
> Camera to Newton, newton to email, email to wordpress site (via Plugin of
> some sort), Wordpress site to Instagram (via plugin).
> Unless anyone has a better toolchain idea.
> If I have some time over the next year I’ll see if I can put all the
> pieces in place.
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