[NTLK] 2x00 fuse value

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Wed May 10 08:21:32 PDT 2023

Indeed, on the Q EVT2 schematic 
(http://bitsavers.org/pdf/apple/newton/Q_EVT2_schematic.pdf), page 10 
top center, fuse F1 is shown with a 2 Amp value.

On 2023-05-09 17:09, NewtonTalk wrote:
>> However it does seem like F1 is blown. Does anyone know the specs for a
> replacement?
> A long time ago PCBMan told me it's a 2A slo-blo fuse. 1206 SMD package.
> Back then he believed that contemporary fuses are labeled "N".

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