[NTLK] Followup: Hey, how cool is that!

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Fri Feb 24 07:01:09 PST 2023

> But, Is this right answer, Did you Frank worked in the former Newton
Messagepad Team.

Nope, I didn't. The closest I ever came to an Apple developer team was when
I had to fly to Cupertino in order to test a prototype of a PCI bus card I
had developed. I was allowed to plug it in a prototype of their first Mac
with PCI bus card slots and test both my hardware and my colleagues'

Back then I was very impressed with the Apple Campus and with the free and
easy way the developers there were allowed to work. It seemed to me that all
the bosses were interested in was that the developers produced results in
time. Nobody cared if you were playing Lego Mindstorm in your office. Or if
you were present in your office at all.


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