[NTLK] [FS] More Newt Stuff for Sale

Tom Zahm tpzahm at newted.org
Thu Feb 23 09:16:20 PST 2023

I forgot to include some items in my first post.

- QuickFigure Works and Cogito software on floppy disks
- NuShield andBob Ulrich screen protectors.  Note: The Ulrich protectors are labeled for MP2000/MP2100, but they don’t quite cover the entire screen. 
- Dead battery packs (for re-celling)
- Various linear flash cards
- Wi-Fi cards
- eMate and aftermarket stylii

You can find them at: https://imgur.com/a/MBzbQKu

Tom Zahm

> It’s been a great run, but with our downsizing/moving it’s time for me to thin the herd.
> I’ve put pictures and brief descriptions of the items on Imgur.  (Link below)
> I want to give the community a chance at these things before they go to eBay.
> You can buy them individually or as a group.
> If there are several of an item, you can buy any quantity (up to the number available).
> Some details:
> - No reasonable offer refused. First such offer takes the item.
> - Shipping at cost and of the type the buyer requests. (USPS, UPS, chartered Leer jet, …). 
> - Local pickup near Santa Barbara CA or Ft. Wayne, IN (starting mid-May) is also possible.
> - Shipping to some other countries is also possible if the process is easy.
> - Questions emailed to me at the address below will be cheerfully answered, though the answer for some questions will be “I don’t know.”
> ** Grant will get 25% of the proceeds to help him defray his costs. **
> The items are at: https://Imgur.com/a/pIcbtXx.  (Note: the letter after ‘p’ is a capital I, not a lowercase L.)
> The email address to which you can send questions and offers is:
> tpzahm at newted dot org

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