[NTLK] Steve Capps Full Interview

Noah Leon noah at moosefuel.media
Sun Dec 17 08:22:59 PST 2023

Hi everyone, 

I just published the full interview I did with Steve Capps (author of Finder, much of NewtonOS) that I shot back in 2017 on my Love Notes to Newton YouTube channel. It’s a long one and Steve goes off topic a lot, and delightfully so. It was a huge thrill for me to get this interview and Steve was really generous with his time.

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One note: he refers to Paul Guyot as “that crazy French guy” which some people did not like, considering that all of us know how smart Paul is and what a nice guy. I just want to point out this is just how Steve talks, with a bit of a California irreverence and should be taken as a complement and not an insult.

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