[NTLK] Hello all, I need some assistance from the List.

Sonny Hung sonnyhung at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 14:28:46 PDT 2023

> There have been and still are several projects to create new eMate300
> compatible expansion modules, many of these projects have often remained in
> draft form but of these, one seems to have resulted in a finalised version,
> that of Androda. Androda is already known to Macintosh and PowekBook fans,
> they also sell the BlueSCSI cards. These modules are sold at this address:
> https://androda.work/product/emate-dram-and-flash-upgrade/Il and is
> available in two distinct versions;
> - a DRAM version which increases the system memory ($35)
> - a DRAM + Flash version that increases both system RAM and internal
> storage. (45)
> Has anyone here tested this yet?
> Sylvain Pilet
Thank yo Sylvain for the heads up about this option.
I checked out the site and saw that it was Out of Stock.

I contacted Jacob at Androda about them and this was his response.
See below.


Sylvain is right about eMate upgrade projects hanging around and
disappearing.  I worked with Stephen Arsenault a bit on his eMate project
<https://github.com/Stephen-Arsenault/eMate-Open-Expansion>, and his
selected RAM chips didn't seem to work properly.  Fortunately, my design
<https://github.com/androda/eMate-Expansion> is functional.

Currently my site says out of stock - but that's only because more of them
have not been assembled.  I have parts in stock to make several more of
both types.  If there is substantial interest (10+ modules) then parts will
need to be ordered.

In keeping with my liking of eMates, I also stock eMate display cables
<https://androda.work/product/emate-300-screen-flex-cable/> for those that
have been eaten by the hinge.

As my site notes, there has been illness going around in my family and
spare time has been sparse.  These are on my list of things to make when
spare time normalizes.


God bless,

Sonny Hung
the Hung Family

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