[NTLK] flash longevity question

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Mon Sep 12 19:15:49 PDT 2022

Hi all,
I always thought that while flash had a limited number of write cycles, the actual data storage was pretty reliable.  But recently I have run across several papers that say long term storage isn't a good idea and will eventually fade away (giving a general time frame of 10 years).    Never heard of that before, and we have often talked here how a "newton never forgets" after being in a drawer for over a decade and everything is still intact as the day we put it there.

Is this situation with flash something that has recently been found out?  Or is it the newer flash chips have such extreme density that they deteriorate in 10 years?  Such as MLC or even TLC vs SLC.   

So far all my cards still have all their data and are functioning fine.


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