[NTLK] Question about Apple branded 2mb linear flash cards

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Wed May 18 16:42:50 PDT 2022

Hi All,
Anyone know what kind of flash was used in the Apple branded 2mb linear flash cards?  The number of write cycles and if it used wear leveling or not?  They might have been produced before wear leveling was implemented.

I have a card that I just realized I had set for the default to save all new data, had only 13k space left and was getting daily rewrites of some data due to rolling over of todos, calls, and reminders for about 3 years.  I usually use a SRAM card for that, but the battery was running low so I put all the data on this flash card in while I got the battery replaced and ... forgot to switch them back (they are the same size).  

And now I am wondering if I should wipe and restore the card?  If it has wear leveling that would improve and spread the wear, if it don't I doubt it will improve the situation.  On the good side I am not getting any errors or problems yet but I am wondering if I about burned out that section or if it has a lot of write cycles left and I don't really need to do anything/worry.

On another good note, the card in question was 100% new when I bought it and I haven't used it much other than storage of unchanging data so it hasn't had many write cycles used until now.


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