[NTLK] MPW Question - MPW command-key for jump to error line in file from Workspace window?

Jim Witte jim.witte at gmail.com
Sun May 1 13:56:18 PDT 2022


  I just un-mothballed by Sheepshaver environment for a bit of "programmer
fun entertainment" (?!) of maybe actually *finishing* my REALLY old project
of making the Eckhart Köppen’s MP3 Player work with FAT cards.

(The main problems is how to keep track of allocation block chains when
they change when files are added/deleted/reallocated by a host system, and
whether I want to handle that at the level of the MP3 compander or lower at
the level of the VBO itself so the "samples" VBO is completely
transparent.  After re-learning how the MAD Max player is structured again.)

Anyway, isn't there a command key equivalent to jump to a line in a file
for a line in the Workspace when it reports "File: :Driver:TATADriverFSM.cp
; line 166.." or something line that?


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