[NTLK] MP120, need schematic or anysuggestions

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Mar 14 13:52:50 PDT 2022

> When I pressed down on the Power slider,  I can hear a chime from the
speaker, but no display. 

Look like a display or a contrast problem to me. The chime is something that
comes during the boot sequence, so the machine is obviously booting unless
it's showing an error and waiting for input.

Have you checked that the ribbon cable and its connector are both clean, and
that the connector is locked?

>From what you describe, you probably haven't hard-reset your Newton yet
because that requires two confirmations. So you could (a sufficient time
after the chime) try tapping on the screen in some kind of grid. If pen
sound is turned on in the settings, you'd hear a sound if you hit a package
symbol. Also keep the pen down for a longer time. This will produce a sound
even if the pen is not on a package symbol. At least on a 2100.

> I can see it draw some current ~170mA.  But after awhile, it seems to shut
itself down (no current draw).

This is to be expected if the sleep settings make it turn off after that

> I checked the voltages on the 2 new capacitors and it shows 6V & 5V.

I doubt that the capacitors are to blame. I've never had a single 120 on my
workbench where one of those had died.


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