[NTLK] NewtonScript question: How to restart the Application from within the application

Matej Horvat matej.horvat at guest.arnes.si
Sat Mar 12 21:30:07 PST 2022

AddDeferredAction should do the trick. It queues a function to be executed  
the next time the system is idle again:

local App := GetRoot().(kAppSymbol);
AddDeferredAction(func() App:Open(), '[]);

If not, try AddDelayedAction, which takes the number of milliseconds as  
the third parameter.

(Neither AddDeferredAction nor AddDelayedAction is documented in the  
Newton Programmer's Reference 2.0 because Newton Programmer's Guide 2.0  
says on page 894 that you should use other 2.x-only functions instead, but  
they work just fine and are your only choice if you want to remain  

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