[NTLK] Can anybody shed some light on this Newton error?

Sylvain Pilet sylvain at pilet.net
Mon Mar 7 22:32:59 PST 2022


> The problem is that the Watson-enabled version can't be installed either on
> the Watson or on my 2100. On the 2100 I'm getting the following error
> message:
>    An error occurred installing the
>    package "NT-FR". It may not work
>    with this system. Contact the
>    software publisher for further
>    information. (Part 0, Type frame).
> On the Watson I'm getting the same error, only in French. 

I'm no expert, but this is the message you usually get when you try to install a pkg for a Newton in another language. That you get this error on your 2100 I understand, but on your Watson I am surprised... 
... wait, are you talking about Watson on Einstein?
If so, send me your pkg so I can test it on real Watsons, because in fact it seems to me that Einstein simulates a US eMate (or 2100) to run the Watson Rom, so it may be a problem. 

Sylvain Pilet

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