[NTLK] Followup: Need info an Japanese ROM versions for MP120 and

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Mar 7 03:40:28 PST 2022

> After the ?Apple Support? text in the footnotes are links to the original
> support pages (in Japanese) pertaining to those two updates.

> Are the links not appearing for you?

Actually they are. It's just that I never expected them to be links, because
for dinosaurs like yours truly links in the World Wide Web are

a) always blue and 

b) never underlined with a green line 

This is what I've always told my colleagues when they asked me for advice on
user interface related issues. If you want your user interface to be
understood by everyone out of the box, do things the way the whole world has
been doing them ever since computers were invented. NEVER expect people to
use your user interface the way you think every sane person would use it.

Back in the days, we had a colleague in our software test department whose
first test always was putting both hands flat on the keyboard for a minute.
You wouldn't believe how many programs couldn't handle this and conked

Yes, I know I perfectly qualify as the dumbest assumable user :-)

Sorry, couldn't resist...


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