[NTLK] Putting multiple parts into one package

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Feb 28 10:53:06 PST 2022

> You can put multiple parts into one package.

This seems, at least in my case, to work only theoretically. When I was
working on making NewtTest Watson-compatible, I had the idea to do what Paul
does with his Watson Enabler in NewtonScript. Basically, thought I, all
that's required is add a part to the end of NewtTest that contains the
signature string. According to the NTK documentation, you can include
packages into other packages. According to the same documentation you can
also influence where in the final package your new part ends up by moving it
up and down in your project window. 

So I wrote a custom part, and the package looked just like what I wanted in
a hex editor. Then I added the new package to the NewtTest NTK project,
which worked, too. But I wasn't able to move this file's position. NTK put
it at the top and wasn't willing to move it down. To make things worse, I
was only able to create the NewtTest package once. Subsequent creation
attempts made NTK crash until it was restarted. Trying to install the
NewtTest package didn't work. Nothing was installed at all although NTK
didn't report an error.

Inspecting the NewtTest package (that was created at the first attempt) with
a hex editor showed that the part obviously hadn't found its way into it:
The signature string was nowhere to be found.

Maybe the NTK documentation is wrong here. Or I'm simply too stupid. In case
it's important, I'm using NTK version 1.6.1.



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