[NTLK] Need info on multi-language support of Newton packages

Sylvain Pilet sylvain at pilet.net
Sun Feb 27 00:13:51 PST 2022

Frank, Matthias, all,

You know me, I'm a fan of localized versions...

I am very divided between this approach and others.
There is a detail that bothers me in this way... 
- because does it mean that if you don't load any "language" file the application might not work? 
If this is the case, it is not very user-friendly if you have to load at least one language in addition to the application.

In any case it's a very interesting subject, which is nowadays far from the preoccupations of developers on current machines, who use gigabytes like a Newton developer uses bytes!

What do you all think?


> Le 27 févr. 2022 à 02:33, Matthias Melcher <m.melcher at robowerk.de> a écrit :
>> You can also write a new language pack without touching the original program again.
> You can put multiple parts into one package. So you can have the program part and the language part. I am not sure how they could reference each other, or if you can have multiple language parts, but it may be an alternative option.
> I am sure you know that `Gestalt(ROMStage)` will return the language of the current machine.
> Hope that helps,
> - Matthias

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