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Tue Feb 22 09:29:50 PST 2022

> Before I dive aimlessly into the DCL source code: can anyone explain to me
how the Package
> file is modified to run on the Watson? newt/0 can create read-to-run
package files for
> NewtonOS 2.x. Maybe I can add the option to make the Watson compatible
right into newt/0.

Quoting Paul:

"To make sure your package can be loaded by Watson units, you need to add
the signature, typically with the WatsonEnabler command line tool I built."

Amazingly, the file with the added signature is smaller than the original
file. The original file is 129490 bytes, the Watson-enabled file is 124308

Using my newly acquired Linux skills by invoking Ubuntu's built-in hexdump
program, I can see that the end of the Watson-enabled package is the \0
terminated string "xxxxSLB0Schlumberger Industries".

This string can be found in WatsonEnabler.cpp. Not being a C++ programmer, I
can only guess that this string is used to create an instance of
TDCLPkgPart.cpp, which then by some magic is added to the package. There'll
probably be some checksum lurking somewhere that needs to be adjusted,

For what it's worth...


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