[NTLK] Getting back in - some E-Mate questions

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Feb 14 16:29:00 PST 2022

> My NBU for Windows says its Copyright is 1996.

It's unlikely that NBU (Newton Backup Utility) will (apart from loading
packages) work with an eMate at all. Apple's Users Guide


says on page 1 that NBU is for Newton OS 2.0 and that you should use NCU
(Newton Connection Utilities) for other Newton OS versions.
I know that it also works with Newton OS 1.3, because I think Apple wrote
NBU so that people could back up their OS 1.3 Newton 120,
send it to Apple to have its ROM upgraded and restore the backup under
Newton OS 2.0.

> I see that the NCK properly detects the RS232-to-USB adapter for the
serial port on the Mac, and I set the proper rate, but
> no connection using the exact same cabling that works with the NBU on the

To the best of my knowledge you shouldn't need to set the baud rate. By
default NCX will connect at 38400 bits per second. On the 
eMate you should simply choose the connection type "Serial".


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