[NTLK] Brainwipe device running under Einstein?

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Apr 12 16:39:36 PDT 2022

Hi experts, 

I'm experiencing a weird behavior in Einstein. I can't really describe it
very well, so you might want to look at this picture:


On the left side Einstein is running an unchanged English 2x00 ROM (717006),
on the right side an unchanged German 2x00 ROM (747129). The weird thing is
that not all texts in the German version are actually in German, but some
are. Those that are still in English are definitely NOT in the German ROM
file (searched with a hex editor) and NOT in the ROM board. The 2x00 whose
physical ROM board the file was taken from is sitting right next to me and
displays EVERYTHING in German like it should.

I recall these mixed languages issues from the 1x0 Newtons. This frequently
happened when the ROM board was replaced with one that had a different
language. It could always be fixed with a hard reset (brainwipe). So I'm
wondering if there's a way to simulate a brainwipe in Einstein?

Any other ideas what might be causing this?

Thanks, as usual


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