[NTLK] Looking for a certain stylus

Anthony Velasco ecotone at mac.com
Sat May 29 17:10:10 PDT 2021

Dan - 

Good call on the PDA Panache M-size stylus. It does have the correct barrel diameter and may still work. However, some modifications will be necessary if one wants to store it in the silo - it will be a bit long and will stick out ~0.27” (~7mm), so cutting it will be by individual preference. Also, a silo lock-groove will need to be cut near the tip. By my  “cheap plastic” micrometer measurements (not converted by computation), it will need to be ~0.40-0.44” (~10-11.2mm) from the stylus tip; ~0.04-0.06” (~1.1 - 1.6mm) wide; and, cut to a depth that reduces the barrel diameter to ~0.17-0.19” (4.3 - 4.7mm).   HTH… 
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> Ah a PDA Panache MP2000 stylus. https://www.pdapanache.com/  They are hard to find.  I have one and love it.  Always wanted to pick up a spare as well.  I contacted them a short while ago, and they will still fix the tips for free if needed.
> I just looked at their site and they have something that is very close https://www.pdapanache.com/styluses/m-sized-stylus-detail.html  I doubt it will fit in the Newton's pen silo but it should feel/work the same.  For $10 I might pick one up myself.
> -Dan

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