[NTLK] Getting the Newton 2000/2100 online. What's your suggestions?

Stephen Weyer saweyer at me.com
Sun Jun 27 12:18:34 PDT 2021

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> Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2021 10:34:30 -0600
> From: Grant Hutchinson <splorp at me.com>
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>> On Jun 25, 2021, at 5:01 PM, Alan Grassia <alan.grassia at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I use Newt?s Cape (Newtscape). You can download it and other web browsers from UNNA at:
>> http://www.unna.org/view.php?/internet/web-browsers
> Newt?s Cape is extensible through the use of various plugins. Be sure to take a peek at Steve Weyer?s site for additional information regarding this rather powerful piece of software.
> https://communicrossings.com/html/newton/newtscape.htm
> Echoing what Noah mentioned about Eckhart?s Courier, it is my go to browser when I just want to read the content of a website.
> g.

if you don’t mind one level of indirection,
you could browse sites thru FrogFind
	http://frogfind.com/ <http://frogfind.com/>

FrogFind is optimized for vintage computers and browsers,
-- including the Newton!! -- by converting the search result pages to extremely basic HTML,
using Mozilla's Readability and other techniques.

in particular, this lets you access https: sites too (though insecurely).
and since it’s powered by DuckDuckGo, you’ll have more privacy.

besides entering search words, you can just enter a URL.
for example, I entered my own site (communicrossings.com <http://communicrossings.com/>)
and FrogFind returns a plain http: page

I mention FrogFind & older HTML transcoders on:

p.s. plus, a frog is an aquatic newt cousin!

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