[NTLK] Grey Interconnect Dongles

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Mon Jun 7 22:15:35 PDT 2021

> On Jun 7, 2021, at 8:46 PM, Sonny Hung <sonnyhung at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Grey, stamped “Taiwan N 2”
>> So, does anyone else have a grey version of the dongle?
> I also got a Grey Dongle with a DVT I purchased and its molding also the same.
> Here is the Flickr set I saved of the auction photos.
> I'd like to confirm that my Grey Dongle is also molded with “Taiwan N 2”
> like yours is.

Ok, that’s good to know.

One other thing I am going to verify is that the wiring of the DVT dongles (and the associated Interconnect port) is slightly different than the shipping versions. I have three MP2000 DVT devices and they all have a label on the back stating:

“Warning: Only use DVT Din9 Adapter (gray) with this unit”

For example:




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