[NTLK] FS: Newton Message Pads

cg cg at ik.me
Sun Aug 22 00:54:32 PDT 2021

Holiday time is over here so I thought to re-post my e-mail from 25th july. Still available for sale; all without power adapter, price does not include shipping.

- Message Pad 120, German Language NOS, without battery pack, without pen. 30$.
- Message Pad 130, German Language NOS, (on/off switch seems partly damaged, with battery pack and pen) 40$
- Message Pad 130, German Language NOS (backlight low, with battery pack and pen) 40$

- 3 Message Pad 2000, english language NOS, without pens/battery packs, one case is damaged bottom left, one has missing front part, one broken lid, asking 140$ for all three.

Shipping per unit in Europe aprox. 20$, to US 30$, for three Message Pads 2000 higher. I might also sell all 6 units for 220$ plus shipping.


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