[NTLK] Questions about the Messagepad 110

DB Digital webmaster at dbdigitalweb.com
Wed Mar 24 23:18:24 PDT 2021

Not an exepert on the Mp110 but I do have a 120 and 130.  Here are a few tips:
-Put in a screen protector as soon as possible.  The best ones are NuSheilds.  I don't recommend the ones that use adhesive as they make a mess and are difficult to apply.
-Even with a protector, clean the screen and pen tip all the time.  Dirt and dust are everywhere. 
-I don't use Ni-Cad but Ni-Mh (nickel metal hydride).  But I wouldn't use those with the docking station (at least so they can be recharged, there is a little button in the back of the compartment if it isn't pushed down the Newt will assume they are normal batteries and not try to charge them in the station/charger which is the default).  As for brand Enloop is about the best.  But I have also used duracell and Energizers a well without issues.
-Installing software, it depends on what you want to do.  I am not an expert as it is NOS 1.3.  But there is a lot of good software for the 1.3.  Perhaps someone else can chime in on this.  Some good ones I know were available in 1.3 versions: Notion, Quick Figure, File Pad.


On 3/25/2021 12:17 AM, Jimmy Li wrote:
> I am about to receive my very first Newton, a lightly used MP 110 with a
> charging station and I have lots of questions:
>    - Are there any tips and tricks that I should be aware of?
>    - How do you treat the rubber surface if it gets sticky?
>    - What brands of Ni-Cd batteries do you guys tend to use?
>    - And what software do you recommend me to install?
> I am very new to the Newton scene (with experience with Palm OS PDAs) so
> any advice is appreciated.
> Jimmy Li

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