[NTLK] [OT] (Paper or tablet) and memory retention

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Wed Mar 24 17:55:12 PDT 2021

I looked into it a bit further last night and yes I was bit disappointed to see thats what it was - their website is a bit elusive to the operation. 

It obviously has its place and works for some.

I was hoping it would act more like an input device (like the Newton..) 

I guess what it does show is that the physical act of writing has is alive and well.


> On 25 Mar 2021, at 06:26, L.W. Brown via NewtonTalk <newtontalk at newtontalk.net> wrote:
> I have RocketBook—it’s not a device: it’s a special paper for Pilot FriXion ”erasable"-ink pens (and markers), coupled with mobile apps. The paper is treated to make the FriXion ink more easily ”erasable”—one version by heating in a microwave (since heat from any source makes the ink turn transparent, so cold will ”bring it back"), and another, thicker version coated to be cleanable by a wet cloth. The apps simply take a photo and you program the iOS or Android app to send the photos to one of several cloud-storage services. The apps know which service to use by scanning one of those square code-blocks (forgot the name) printed on each page. You can even buy the code-blocks as stickers to use on any paper or even a white-board. Their service does not do OCR. They do sell pre-printed pages in several formats like calendars.

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