[NTLK] Fwd: At last! An eMate of my very own!

Forrest Buffenmyer newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 23 20:58:07 PDT 2021

Bumping this email thread up to provide a backstory to this latest development.

The “new” eMate I mentioned several days ago is finally approaching the end of its configuration. Two of the hardest things to get around are 1) the Classroom features—these are useless to me. I understand they were vital to the eMate’s very existence, as it was designed for a classroom/education environment, but it’s just a lot of wasted memory to me; and 2) the MUCH lower memory levels of the eMate. I was adding packages courtesy of my trusty—if obsolete—AlBook G4 1.67Ghz Mac, and NCX; and I ran out of memory. I had to delete Newt’sCape to install MailV! I have not tested it yet, but the WaveLAN card lights up after installing Nigoshi’s drivers and the rest, so we will see.

I applied Eckhart’s eMate 300 patch—and after I did, the battery magically changed from always in “orange” (charging) to green, and 100%. Running NewtTest, the battery looks to be in excellent health. I know, how can this be for a machine that is around 25 years old—but it does appear to be true. I will see what happens when I use the machine, and if there is a sudden drop off in power. So, far, after a couple of hours, I am at 95%, so I remain hopeful.

Perhaps I could take a few minutes to debut this fine eMate on our Saturday call?


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> Well, not that there was ever a competition here for one.
> It would appear that I will soon be the proud (!!) owner of an eMate 300 (was there any other—mass produced?)
> I could not pass up $55 plus shipping for one that appears to be in good sound condition externally, but is being sold “as is—untested” because the seller claims to have no way to power it up.
> Color it MINE!
> Of course, first order of business—after a good wipe down with diluted bleach (I do this with all my thrift store and Internet purchases, always have), will be to determine if it will power up. From previous recent discussion I know a Newton MP power supply will work.
> Then, it’s on to Frank’s site for the hinge repair instructions!
> I must confess that I am excited by this purchase.
> Mahalo,
> Forrest 
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