[NTLK] Ethernet Connection Testing

Alan Grassia alan.grassia at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 19:33:01 PDT 2021

Hello Sylvain, Michael, and Newton Friends,

Thanks your helpful suggestions, guys!  Using both Einstein and my MessagePad 2000 I was able to work out the correct mix of items that I needed to get connected to the Internet.

The Ethernet driver from the ATLAN v8 .pkg file was correct.  I also had correctly configured NIE 2.0 and Internet Setup.  My domain 'gns.net', which is not a real domain, didn’t seem to bother anything.

What was necessary to get things working was installing the 'freeware' version of Newt's Cape.  I had an expiring version installed previously.  Using Einstein and the MesssagePad 2000, I was able to load http://www.newtonfaq.com and http://www.panix.com/~clay/newton - two pages that are mostly text and do not require a SSL certificate.

For completeness, once I had a working version of Newt's Cape installed, I did get the connection and link lights on my D-Link DE-660's dongle and the mesh network app on my iPhone popped up with an alert letting me know that a new D-Link device connected to the network.

Thanks again for your help!

MessagePad 2000
MessagePad 2100

On 3/23/21, 1:11 PM, "NewtonTalk on behalf of Michael Sheflin" <newtontalk-bounces at newtontalk.net on behalf of sheflinm at gmail.com> wrote:

    To Sylvain's point, I don't think the lights on the card would be expected
    until you actually try to "connect".  Try downloading Newt's Cape (
    http://www.unna.org/unnasearch/entry.php?pkey=139) and then opening any
    page.  You don't need to let it load, but when it tries to load, you should
    get obvious signs of life with the card's lights and you should see Newt's
    Cape start to "GET" data.  If the lights blink in sequence and then turn
    off there is likely a software/settings issue with the connection.

    To that last point, you might want to experiment with removing that domain
    name.  If none of that works, although I assume you got them from here,
    some Atlan drivers are also here (

    On Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 7:38 AM Sylvain Pilet <sylvain at pilet.net> wrote:

    > Alan,
    > You need to see if your router recognizes your card and assigns it an
    > address. If the light of the card does not light up, it means that the card
    > is not connected, or at worst that it does not work.
    > But installing NIE is not enough! For the connection to be effective, the
    > Newton must ask, through a program (such as NewtScape, MailV, or any other
    > service that needs to be connected) for the connection to be opened (and
    > thus the card activated).
    > To summarize, on Newton, the connection must be requested by a program for
    > the connection to be opened and the card activated... NIE just lets you
    > know what to do when such a request is made.
    > Sylvain Pilet

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