[NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 87, Issue 34

Mark Kuberski berskyboy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 13:18:42 PDT 2021

I absolutely LOVE being able to mix text with doodles, this coming WONC I will make a few pics using NewtPaint and wrap text around these icons/doodle, ect.  I think If you can write with your hand and draw (try to use your other side of the brain, to draw the topic), for sure you will remember it.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  And drawing that picture imprints a thousand brains searches?  LOL.  But being able to mix the two together and MOVE stuff around etc, is by FAR the best thing about Newton OS, it’s almost magical to see your printing convert to text so you can search is later.  

I do use my iPad with Einstein everyday for notes for work, (and weekly for Church notes).  I do however have many moleskin REAL notepads that have all our travel diaries and the such.  Collect stickers, tickets, images from airplane magazines, postcards, any nicknack on the trip and I glue it in along with colour drawings and text.  The whole thing also ends up digitally in Evernote, so it can also preform text searches.  

Pen is wonderful, pencils are great, pencil crayons wonderful.  Newton Stylus incredible…  and Apple Pencil divine.

Newton wins! 


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> Me too. I?m using a paper Moleskin ?tablet? notebook with a smart pen captures your pen strokes and connects to their iPad app to regurgitate my scrawl on the screen. Anything legible enough is searchable in the app so it?s a handy way to have the aforementioned benefits of pen and paper writing but with digital search (and editing).
> Cheers
> Nic
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>> ?I also regularly use paper and pen for making writing notes...  But I have a note book permanently open next to my computer.

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