[NTLK] eMate spring repair

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Fri Mar 19 11:31:56 PDT 2021

> The addition of a flat washer mitigates the problem but doesn't actually
cure it.

That's correct. However, using a creased washer with a sufficient diameter
will ensure that, once the spring leg pops out, it'll be too short to
puncture the display ribbon cable. So the worst that can happen is that the
lid gets wobbly.

> The correct solution is to swap the existing springs for a single spring
that loops over the retaining screw instead of just laying on both sides.
That will solve the problem once and for all.

I've always been wondering why Apple didn't build the eMate that way to
begin with. It's the obvious solution!

> It is fairly easy to make a replacement spring.

Hmmm... well... maybe for some people... but... you know... some people are
even shying away from soldering the speaker and backlight wires...


> I am putting together a set of instructions on how to do it and will make
them available when I have completed them.

I just read them. Very well done! Would be cool if we could find someone who
can fabricate a small batch for a reasonable price. I'll be more than happy
to review the final result and upload that review to my site ;-)

Please allow me two suggestions reg. your instructions:

a) While fabricating the spring, things will be easier and safer if you
securely fasten the drill in the vice prior to the step where you're using
the awl to keep the loop from collapsing.

b) I'd recommend greasing the new spring BEFORE putting the shaft in. Not
only will this make it much easier to put the shaft back in, but it'll also
ensure there's a thin layer of grease between the spring and the shaft.
If you grease the spring when it's already ON the shaft, you will no longer
be able to reach the most crucial area.

When I rebuild hinges, I grease the spring from the inside and also put a
thin layer on the shaft. Then I reassemble everything, and finally I squeeze
more grease in the gap between the spring and the shaft. So far I've never
had a complaint.


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