[NTLK] Postponing hinge fix

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Fri Mar 19 11:31:56 PDT 2021

> Also, I'm terrified of the hinge repair and might postpone it for a couple
> I know it is dangerous but this is an unused device, it is brand new, we
don't expect
> the hinge to break that easily right?

Oh yes, we do! This problem isn't caused by use, but by age. I once had an
eMate on my workbench that had been in its original sealed packaging when
the owner bought it. I warned him, but he still started using his new
purchase. For about three days, that is. On day four, the display cable was
history, and we had do ship a beautiful, but otherwise useless paperweight
across the Atlantic and back...


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