[NTLK] Einstein 2020.4.13 released for MacOS, Windows, and Linux

Ionos: robowerk.de m.melcher at robowerk.de
Thu Mar 18 04:19:44 PDT 2021

On 3/17/2021 8:07 AM, Sylvain Pilet wrote:
> Matthias,
>> I published a new version of Einstein for Big Sur, downloadable as usual here:
>> http://messagepad.org/Newton_Installs.html#macOS
>> http://messagepad.org/Downloads/Einstein/MacOS/Einstein.MacOS11.2020.4.13.zip
> The "Native 2020.4.13" version does not include your new updates (Flash Card, 2x PCMCIA, Networks...)?

Well, yes, the code is there, but there is no user interface to access 
it. I don't know how the MacOS user interface is programmed, so I can't 
add those features. The network improvements should be there and work, 
and the network card can still be inserted, just not the Flash Cards.

Also, there is no Toolbox NewtonScript compiler, but the Monitor OTOH is 

> The About window shows a version "2020.1 (3)".

Same problem as above, but I may be able to fix that eventually.

> Could you tell us more about this version. (Unless I forgot to read one of your recent messages...)

2020.4.13 takes all the changes I did last year and merges them with the 
changes that Paul Guyot, Steven Frank, Eckhart Köppen, and Victor Rehorst.

The news on their side is mostly an improved CPU emulator, new features 
for the Monitor (for debugging assembler and NewtonScript), fixes in the 
Network code, GitHub workflow, and Watson support.

On my side, I unified the User Interface, so the FLTK version has the 
same UI on Mac, Windows, and Linux, thereby adding keyboard support and 
other features that were previously available on native MacOS (Linux 
versions had no User Interface at all). I added the Toolkit to write 
NewtonScript code right inside Einstein, and the Flash Card support.

The difference between 2020.4.9 and .11 is Flash Card writing, between 
.11 and .13 is a better pulldown menu for inserting and ejecting cards.


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